Are you the kind of person who can take an hour to walk fifty metres on a beach, because the shapes and colours of the stones and shells fascinate you to distraction? Does your heart sing when you see colours that you love? Do you like to express your inner creativity in your outer style? Do you believe Bold Is A Good Thing? An emphatic YES to all that? Then you and I have many things in common!

I am constantly inspired by the colours and patterns that surround me at my coastal home in Nairn, in the Scottish Highlands. My jewellery is deceptively simple in form, but the creation and application of pattern is critical. There are no hidden messages; my simple wish is to make beautiful creations which bring pleasure to the wearer. Every piece I create is unique, something which I believe is so important in this world of mass-produced and machine-made multiples.

Clients tell me that when they wear my work it helps them express their own individuality; choosing a unique piece which no else has or ever can have, a piece which resonates with them, one which is entirely hand crafted from start to finish and has the spirit of the maker imbued within it. 

Image credit: Julia Ossenbruegge/Craftscotland

Image credit: Julia Ossenbruegge/Craftscotland

A connection is forged between you and I when you purchase and either wear my jewellery yourself or gift it to someone you care about. Even if we never meet, we have shared our love of the organic, the unique, the colourful and the bold.

"And what is it to work with love? It is to charge all things you fashion with a breath of your own spirit"                                            Khalil Gibran

I hope some of that love and spirit travels onwards when a piece leaves my hands and arrives in yours, to become an expression of your creativity and taste and a part of your story.