crisp and clear

Here we are already in a New Year in Scotland and thankfully we've had plenty of those crisp, clear, cold days that I love - really helps to push back the darkness. We are rising up to meet Spring - every day a little more light appears. Perhaps the increasing energy is encouraging you to start new projects and activities too! To that end, check out my whole range of craft products for ideas and inspiration. Click Shop Tools for more info on my thirteen NEW "Curves" Templates, four NEW sets of "Abstract Marks" Stamps and seven BRAND NEW Cutter Sets. I do hope those of you who love to create will find plenty of inspiration there. I have also added a wide selection of my own NEW work in Shop Jewels - juicy, colourful designs featuring textures and monochrome patterns.

I'm working on new products for 2018 - watch this space and be sure to sign up on my mailing list to be first for news.