from dark to light

The turn of the year on the Winter Solstice in late December is always particularly special for me - despite all evidence to the contrary, in the Northern Hemisphere, we are heading away from the dark and up and out into the light! I hope this New Year ahead brings you health, happiness and creative joy, wherever you are in the world.

There are FOUR NEW DOUBLE CUTTER SETS in the Tools shop HERE and matching 'mirror' sets for the previous four asymmetric designs, so if you already have one shape, you can now buy the matching 'other' to make a pair, increasing their versatility.

I am also putting the final touches to four new Texture Stamps which will launch in early 2019 - a series I have called "Planet Earth" (in homage to glorious David Attenborough!). The four designs are drawings I've made, inspired by areas of our beautiful world which are under threat. I felt compelled to do something to highlight the problems and contribute to helping solve them, in my own small way, so a percentage of profits from sales of these stamps will go to various eco charities. More details soon!