come rain or come shine

Spring is well underway here in the Scottish Highlands, with the intensely joyous yellow of daffodils popping up everywhere, sometimes unexpectedly being battered by what we call the 'lambing snows'! Having lived in Australia for a good number of years, I am always conscious that other parts of our beautiful planet are heading in the opposite direction into Autumn. Whatever the season, there is always something wondrous to be found in the natural world around us, on both a micro and macro scale, in both cities and wilder places.

On the subject of our beautiful planet, as many of you are only too painfully aware, huge swathes of it are being permanently devastated by the actions of unthinking humanity.

I have launched a BRAND NEW range of texture stamps, a series I have called "Planet Earth" (in homage to glorious David Attenborough!). The four designs are from drawings I've made, inspired by areas which are under threat; Rain Forest, Coral Reef, Coast Line and Ice Cap. I felt compelled to do something to highlight the problems and contribute to helping solve them, in my own small way, so a percentage of profits from sales of these stamps will go to eco charities. You can view the new stamps HERE